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    Question Alternating Dumbbells: What If One Arm Fails?

    I'm a newbie (very 1st post) to JEFIT. I'm sure that this topic has been covered but, for some reason, the Forum searching is failing.

    Anyway: For the dumbell exercises, what do you do when 1 arm fails? Do you keep going with the other arm or consider the set complete?
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    Hi CoolHappyGuy,

    It is up to you to decide. Your logs are mostly to yourself but being consistent in your records is the key.
    I am not an expert but personnaly I would consider the set complete ans reduce weight or repetition on the following set of the same exercice.
    We all have one side weaker than the other. I ry hen to do some isolate exercice to improve the 'faulty' muscle group and keep my overall look 'balanced'
    Keep on lifting Buddy, any question, fee lfree to ask your Jefit friends. We are all helping and supporting each other.
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    Myself, I use a rest-pause and focus to crack out as many more reps on my left as possible. Then, once I'm done done and done, I quickly match the extra reps with my right.

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