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    [3 days/week][General][Beginner] Stronglifts 5x5

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    Good, But there are 2 problems. You don't do the same work outs every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. There are 2 workouts that you switch inbetween back and forth, Workout A(Monday), Workout B(Wednesday). You switch back and forth like A is Mon, B is Weds, A is Fri. Next week you start with the next one in the order, workout B not A. The other this is you are supposed to start out with an empty bar (Except for Row and Deadlift, you start out with 65 and 90 for those). And add 5 lbs every workout, except for the Deadlift, you add 10 lbs to that every time you do it. Another this is you only do 5 reps, 5 times. But for the deadlift, you only do 5 reps one time.

    You can go to the website for more info: http ://
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    I changed this stronglifts routine to have ANY day rather than set days such as mon, wed, fri.
    That way whenever I start a workout it prompts me to choose which workout A or B that i want. I choose the one I want.
    Done it like this for a few weeks now and seems ok. Only wish i could make it automatically increase the weights as I need to look back through the logs or remember what I should be targeting.

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