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    Could exercise help my health problems

    for the past 1half year i have been sufferring stomach problems btw im a diabetic type 1 i have no hunger earratic blood sugar certain foods are not breaking down into glucose such as pasta oats even sugary drinks such as pepsi and lemonade i come to realise that that foods like white bread seem to cause my sugar to rise and break down properly iv always been resistance to insulin that also makes it more diffcult to help control my diabetes im not particularly overweight but for some reason my body is not working very well with insulin which i carnt understand also iv been docs they checked my lower intestines with camera saying theres nothing wrong so my attempt with doctors they not helping but i will continue to bug them my question do you think exercise weight training will help these problem im having?

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    Exercises will definitely help you to increase your health

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    Remedy to breathing problem

    Hey, folks
    Try to do Yoga If you have a breathing problem.It's the best exercise that you could prefer for yourself.And its te best of what I would suggest you.
    The reason is -So for everyone out there who are bored of the same old fitness routine, to keep them fit, should definitely switch into practicing yoga. Now itit’s time to dust off that yoga mat! No matters that you are apt for power hot, or hate, the various advantages of this 5000-year-old practice is abundant and for everyone.
    . Improves breathing benefits:-

    Yoga concentrates supremely on practicing deep breathing. It teaches you how each and every breath is as precious as the god. Pranayam is now the most widely practicing breathing technique around the world. This breathing element gives persons a bag full of advantages like stronger lungs, reduced blood pressure, stress reduction, improved memory, and relaxations. The best thing about it is that breathing practice in yoga has been proved scientifically helpful to lead a prolong life. It has been linked to better lung capacities and an improved heart function in long term also.
    For some more health benefits of yoga, you could have an insight at- [URL=""]100MPH[/URL]
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    Hhmmm, sounds like the issue isn't going to be solved by stretching and breathing alone, although they will probably help your mood.

    If you have metabolic disease symptoms the remedy might be diet and cardiovascular exercise. have a quick google for Billat et al studies. There is a wealth of information on normalizing metabolic markers by taking part in cardiovascular exercise, especially high intensity intermittent training.
    Try going for a run 3 times a week for 10-20 minutes. When you're warmed up start sprinting between lamp posts.

    Also adjust your diet to give your guts more time off, for example, avoid eating before 11am.
    adjust your diet to take out processed foods and added sugars. Stick to fruit, nuts, cheese, meat, fish, veg and salads.

    It's not easy to do all this at once but if you try it should seriously help.
    Obviously, talk to your doctor about it first.

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    Exercise is always good for you. As far as your specific issues, I can't say. But, I have leaky gut, which causes me a number of problems when it comes to food. Since I have been lifting weights (cardio works too, but I hate it) all but two of my food alergies have completely gone away. I didn't eat gluten for 7 years and now I can eat a whole pizza with no issues.

    Also, I would encourage you to stay away from carbs that are not complex carbs. So, no sugar, corn syrup, white flower, stuff like that. And limit fruit since that's simple carbs also.

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