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    New to Jetfit, well had it a while not used it


    Total newbie have had the app for a while, not sure where to start can you create custom workouts ie add your own exercises?

    Wheres a best place to start, just joined a gym and have no clue where to start with the machines, I know how to use themj ust not sure whats best.

    Can anyone suggest a good satrting point.

    I'm looking to fat burn to start with.

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    You could try one of the beginner routines found on the Routine page [URL=" ch=&sort=2"]here [/URL]

    Start with the lowest wight and see if you can do all the exercise sets and repetitions the routine calls for. Add a little weight the next time you do the exercise if it seems too easy.

    You can edit the routine to your liking.

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