Hello everyone,

My name is Nicholas Chrysanthou and I have 84 food allergies and Chrons Disease. I started seriously working out about 7 months ago and found JEFIT. I feel like crap most of the time because of my illness and decided to try and improve my physical situation through rigorous workout routines. Many have come before me with this Chrons Disease and it creates many complications from a dietary standpoint and overcoming 24/7 flare-up pain.

If anyone out there has digestive issues and is struggling to maintain working out due to stress and depression I feel you. I deal with these things; however, I want you to understand that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to even in a constant state of pain. Things got really bad for me around three years ago when I started to flare really bad and I had to go on disability and even lose my job. Things can get difficult, but I want you to know that you are doing it and that you are strong!

Here are some of my observations:
1. endurance training- this seems to be one of the most helpful pain diversion tactics to combat Chrons
2. find out if you are allergic to any foods- I am allergic to a startling 84 foods from the major food groups so that's probably a bit extreme.
3. try to understand your negative side. Know that your pain is creating the illusion of irritation and this can help you balance this with positivity. Sometimes by simply understanding the violence in your body you can cope much easier.

I have a lot to learn; however, I hope these three things will help if you are dealing with a digestive disorder or even some other form of chronic pain.

-nick of time