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    New to forum..Sharing my current routine

    Hey everyone, I'm a senior member on some other forums and haven't signed up for a new forum probably since 2004. I like the jefit app so much that I figured I would sign up here so hopefully I can help! I swith my workout approx every 6-8 weeks (depending on my goals or progress). Here is my current split.. Enjoy!

    Mon- Chest/biceps

    4 x Barbell bench press

    4 x barbell incline press

    3 x weighted dips

    3 x weighted flys

    4 x barbell drag curl

    3 x barbell lying high bench biceps curl

    Tues- Abs/ Legs

    4 x flat bench leg pull in

    4 x cross body crunch

    5 x barbell squat

    3 x barbell lunge

    4 x lying leg curl

    4 x smith machine reverse calf raise

    Wed- Back/ triceps/ forearms

    4 x weighted pull ups

    3 x barbell bent over row

    3 x wide grip lat pull downs

    3 x hyperextensions

    4 x barbell lying triceps extensions

    3 x cable tricep extensions

    3 x cable tricep pushdowns

    3 x barbell lying tricep press

    4 x cable wrist curl

    Thursday- Off or Cardio

    Fri- shoulders

    4 x standing barbell press

    3 x dumbell arnold press

    3 x cable front raise

    3 x dumbell rear delt row

    4 x smith machine shrug

    Sat- Abs/ arms

    4 x oblique crunches

    3 x hanging leg raise

    3 x decline crunch

    4 x alternate incline dumbell curl

    3 x barbell widegrip standing biceps curl

    3 x cable lying close grip bicep curls

    4 x barbell standing overhead extention

    3 x cable incline pushdown

    3 x close triceps pushup

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    Hi bigpup. Saw your post and was looking for a routine. Have been in the gym on and off for the last years, but routinely 5 x per week since June. Have a trainer, but that tends to get expensive. I know I can not keep up with having a trainer becuase of the money, and will have to ween myself off. Have made great gains in the core and expecially with strength and endurance. Feel great. What would you recommend for supplements if any, and what would you recommend for a beginner to intermediate training workout routine. Thanks.

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    A trainer can definitely be expensive, but also worth it especially in the beggining stages of your training, It will help take the guess work out and keep you from wasting your time or actually being counter productive! My supplement regime will change depending on my goals for that particular time period but there are a few staples. Most important is a fast digesting protein to be taken immediately after your workout and even possibly upon waking up! This can be any whey protein product, just try to find one with a taste you like!! Two is a multivitamin to keep you healthy and aid your immune system. Three, I always take a pre-workout energy mix(currently i'm using jack3d). If you're going to do cardio I recommend a BCAA mix to keep your body from going catabolic. I also take ZMA at night to help me sleep. I know it sounds corny but more important than any supplement is making sure you're taking in the right food and macro-nutrients and that you are getting plenty of rest.
    The workout will also vary depending on goals but here is a good one I believe for begginers/intermediate lifters

    moderate intensity cardio
    high intensity cardio
    low intensity cardio

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