Hi Everyone,

I am new to JeFit and am looking for friends.

It's pretty amazing how simple it is to put off exercise and eating well. For months, I have been eating horribly and basically non-active. And I KNOW I have been this way the entire time! "It's ok...I'll start back at the gym on Monday. I'll start eating better tomorrow."...all lies.

Yup...my gym membership has been collecting dust and my clothes have been getting tighter (unfortunately NOT due to laundry methods). Now I'm back to square one! So depressing!

I offer no excuses. The blame lies squarely with me. It took a doctor to inform me I now have high blood pressure and suggested I drop some weight. Really?? How did I let myself get this far out of hand? All I know is that I'm back on track in a BIG way. I'm back to the gym each morning and am taking advantage of weight watchers to keep track of eating well.

I have been looking at the JeFit app and, more importantly, posts and pictures of it's members. Interacting with fellow members is major motivation for me. That being said, please feel free to 'friend' me. I can use all the help I can get.

Looking forward to a fit and healthy lifestyle. Have a GREAT weekend all!!