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    Fitness and therapy

    Hi all,
    I’m a 23 years old woman and I’m conscious about my fitness. I just need to know whether massage therapy has any role in maintaining fitness. Recently I happened to read an article on the ‘Tips to maintain fitness’. In that article, it mentioned that massage therapy will help to maintain fitness. Is there any scientific proof behind this statement? Currently, I’m spending hours in the gym to keep my body fit. I wonder whether I could switch this exercise into [URL=""]massage therapy to keep both my body and mind fit[/URL]. I’m planning to get an appointment with an expert massage therapist nearby my place to know more about this therapy. But before that, I need to know, whether this is beneficial enough. Does anyone here had ever tried massage therapy as a part of their fitness program? Kindly share your experiences.

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    Good afternoon,

    To be honest i did massage therapy for a period of time and did not think it was worth the money. I workout five to six days a week, i mix up my workout routine between crossfit and your typical heavy weight training. I did not see a big difference in performance. However i did participate in some hot yoga classes during my recovery days, and found a big difference in in my performance level and body comp. This was also far cheaper and better in my opinion than massage therapy. However getting a massage or going to a massage theropist might be benefical to go to once in a while! hope this helps


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    To the best of my knowledge there is no evidence that massage therapy can replace traditional exercise and diet regimens, and the ability for massage therapies to augment your routine is entirely based on whether or not it can keep you training in traditional ways longer. Now, there is a variety of evidence related to massage in healthcare in general, but with regard to your specific question (as I interpreted it), no ... I do not believe there is any reason to change your routine to focus more on massage, but incorporating massage into an existing routine is unlikely to slow or worsen results.

    Some high level scientific evidence of massage use in healthcare in general can be found here


    They also provide plain language (non technical) summaries of all the reviews they publish. This group is considered the pinnacle of scientific research by most, so generally considered trustworthy.

    Hope this helps!

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