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    Workout Frequency and Rest Periods

    All, I keep hearing that one needs to have rest periods in between workouts, at least a day. My question is though that if you work out one muscle group one day (ie. chest and tri's) then the next day you do a different muscle group (back and bi's), does that count as a rest period for your chest and bi's?

    You wouldn't be working the same muscle group in consecutive days, so that would give them a day off. But as far as molecular chemistry and biology is concerned, I keep hearing that if you overtrain, you tend to break down and may even get sick.

    Any comments would be appreciated.

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    You should always allow 48 hours minimum for a specific body part/muscle to rest. It is only during the rest period that the muscle recovers, repairs itself and you grow. If you don't allow this then you will never see any of the benefits you are entitled to.

    Now it is okay to work different muscles on different days. I currently am doing Dorian Yate's Blood & Guts which is 4 days with 1 to 2 days rest and then back at it. You are never working the same muscles on the next day so you are still getting the necessary rest.

    There are many types of weight lifting programs out there that you can do that will allow you to work out each day and allow you time to rest muscles. Some are:


    - Allow 1 or more days rest before starting again


    - Day 1: Push = Chest, Shoulders, Triceps
    - Day 2: Pull = Back, Biceps
    - Day 3: Legs & Abs
    - Day 4: Rest


    - Day 1 = Chest, Abs
    - Day 2 = Back, Shoulders
    - Day 3 = Triceps, Biceps
    - Day 4 = Legs, Abs
    - Day 5 = Rest


    - Day 1 = Chest, Back, Shoulders, Triceps, Biceps
    - Day 2 = Legs, Abs
    - Day 3 = Rest

    There are many more but this is just a few to give you an idea of what you can do. Just remember that rest is important, it is the most important thing. And with anything you do, LISTEN to your body.

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