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    Make sure to get your antioxidants (B1 and C), the booze metabolites include plenty of free radicals that poison your liver and kidneys. And try to keep your boozing separated from workout and recovery -- muscle tissue anabolism is suppressed by booze. Mixing protein with booze is thus self-contradictory.

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    Quote Originally Posted by andyroth View Post
    I know there are negative effects from smoking, ya, but I just want to know Is there any inherent traits of cigarette smoke that will affect results from lifting weights?
    I'm not a doctor, but I'm sure that cigarette smoke will be bad for weight lifting. Firstly, you're damaging your lungs which would make it harder to breath, therefore reducing your ability to train hard. Secondly, it reduces your overall oxygen efficiency which your muscles need to function at their peak.

    Just all around not a good idea to smoke, but to each their own.

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    Actually nicotine has been show to boost fat metabolism... which isn't a suprise. Take a look at all the people taking smoke breaks at office jobs and what do they have in common? most of them are pretty thin.... (OK OK, i know there are heavy people who also smoke) but...

    Problem is everything else you get from a cigarette, like the 60+ carcinogens

    I personally and big on vaping... i have built mechanical mods and all that and have not inherited and negative VISUAL side effects... however i am using 0 NICOTINE E-LIQUID ... so it's like smoking air. It's made from Food Grade Additives, so it's FDA approved, which doesn't mean much these days but still a better choice than a pack or marlboro's a day! EVERYTHING can kill you at some point, even water....... so make logical decisions based on how you feel. See what works best for you, and good luck.

    OH and PS: Alcohol is just straight up BAD. No way around it... you will LOSE MUSCLE in a hurry if you hit the booze!

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    I am a nutrition advisor and you might think that this reply is a little strange coming from this profession but i tell it how it is. The smoking will not cause any significant barriers in your quest to gain muscle. There are many health issues attributed to smoking but fortunately for you, muscle gain is not one of them. May i suggest that you take a look at Mike Mentzers heavy duty training principles for gaining muscle. looks like you are a naturally lean "hard gainer" so i would suggest that you concentrate on heavy compound exercises and full body routines 3 times a week until you stop seeing gains. Then i would drop one of the sessions and do this twice a week. Yes, you haerd me right, when you plataeu, you do less but workout with higher intensity to get the muscle building going again not more. If you take a look at Mentzers ideas on the subject, it will make more sense to you. When it comes to building mass, less is better and the reason for this is that you will be able to workout at a higher intesnity (which is what builds muscle). Muscles do not want to grow, you have to force them. Did you ever notice the guy at the gym that does the same weight on the bench for the same number of reps everytime? Also, did you notice that he is staying the same size even though to an outsider it looks like he is working hard struggling on the last couple of reps of each set. If you don't try to force extra reps every time then your muscle has no need to grow. I would try squat, pullups, dips for 3 days a week 3 sets each probably 7-10 reps each and bust a gut. the beauty of this workout is that because it is so short, there is no excuse for you not to workout at a super high intensity (and being a former Marine (thank you by the way), discipline shouldn't be much of an issue for you). Don't worry about this routine not having other excercises in it, as while pullups is predominantly a back exercise, it also works the biceps and dips is a great exercise for triceps and shoulders not just the chest. And squats are....well squats are just squats, probably the best single exercise someone could do for gaining mass. And by the way, if you are doing squats correctly and at a very high intesity (again refer to mentzer) i would be amazed if you can even get to the other 2 exercises with any sort of intesity at all (squats will take that much out of you).
    Good luck and feel free to let me know how you get on.

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    Just avoid

    There is no doubt that, these bad addictions will surely affect your health and progress. It is cleared that the consumption of alcohol in the mild amount is good for heart health. But excessive intake of the alcohol increases the risk of serious health problems. Apart from that, Smoking addiction has not a single benefit and this habit surely contribute the premature death. [URL=""]Read more[/URL]
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    Ive had a few wicked gym sessions when a bit tipsy, on the odd occasion Ive been for a breakfast or something and had a few drinks and even though I doubt myself I goto gym anyway because I dont want to skip.

    Even being hungover has produced some killer sessions. I dont drink a lot at all but on the odd occasion maybe once in 4 or 5 months Ive actually been quite proud of myself.

    One of the guys at my gym smokes a doper before gym and hits a pre-workout and he gets amazing results.

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    Perhaps try a number of expectorant herbal supplements and consume foods high in vitamin E, which will help your lungs and oxygen intake. quitting smoking is hard, but it can be done

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    I think that you can stop smoking of you really want to stop. Just cut down 1 cigarette per day until the number of cigarette you smoke in one day is zero. Be patient and you'll succeed.

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