I been exercising and working out for 8 months now, for the first 7 months I did exercise and weight trained on a bowflex. Past month I switched over to free weights with same basic routine and didnt feel was getting anywhere. So this week I started a new workout routine, a pyramid lift an amount of weights for 10 sets, then add 5 pounds then 8 sets ,add 5 more and 6 sets.

Im looking for someone with weight training exp to tell me if this will get results or what would be the best routine to get results for bulking. I also been losing weight, I still need to lose another 12 pounds ,so Im not looking to eat more to gain more weight, but I like to bulk up is that even possible ? I learned that if your weight training jogging is bad for the muscles ,it breaks them up, so I walk, but is that true ? any info you guys can share would be much appreciated as Im just really starting out and learning weight training.