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    New from Los Angeles

    Hello everyone, I just have registered. I'm looking for gaining muscles and looking good, that's why I'm now here - I want to learn doing it, been looking for [URL=""]Genotropin[/URL] now. hoping with your help
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    Was a total newbie to this a year ago...I have gained 25 lbs, and upped my strength a ton. (100lb increase on bench alone).
    Top 3 tips:
    1. Get involved with the JEFIT community...they are the most inspiring and helpful fitness community i've found.
    2. Focus primarily on heavy compound exercises like squats, bench press, and overhead press. don't bother with stuff like calf raises.
    3. Watch your diet. this was #1 for me... you need about 1 gram of protein a day for ever pound you weigh. If you don't get this right, you'll just hurt and never develop quality muscles

    There is nothing funner than seeing a girl you hadn't seen in a few months, and her first words are "You are huge".

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