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    How will I manage to reduce my weight?

    Hey! I am going through a difficult situation in my life. I have been dealing with my obesity for about five years. I have tried to control my diet but I think running is not meant for someone like me. Somehow, I managed to do standing exercises but I started experiencing severe pain in my legs. I used to take rest because of this leg pain and my daughter thought that I was lazy.

    For the past few years the greatest problem I had been facing was my overweight and now it is being added with varicose veins. Now the veins in my legs are twisted and enlarged. I am totally messed up. I have to do my workouts but the pain is not allowing me for that. It took some time for my daughter to realize the reason behind my lazy workouts and now she is worried about me. Last week she arranged an appointment for me with a [URL=""]physiotherapist in Mississauga and he suggested me to use compression stockings[/URL]. Now I am fifty and I have no idea about how to get rid of this obesity. My daughter asked me to stay away from workouts to cure the disease. But I am tensed. If I take rest for so long my weight will increase again. I would like to get some advice from you people on this. Thanks in advance.

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    Have you been cleared by a doctor to start a workout program?

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    You barely mention diet, until that's sorted out no amount of exercise is going to help much, getting help with that is your start

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    I would suggest Water Aerobic and Swimming. With the right group it's fun and keeps you motivated.

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