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    Talking Hey! Lookin' for some community in weightlifting!

    Hi all,

    I'm Erik. I used to be a heavy lifter in highschool, everyday weight training, even competed in powerlifting competitions at one point. Then I got sucked into college and graduate school and all the booze that comes with it. Now I've made a bunch of big life changes since I turned 30, including getting married and moving (permanently) to my country-of-heritage in Europe. So - what's one more life change?!

    I want to get fit again. For me, that means that I'd like to cut my current 194lb/88kg body down by removing fat and build it back up with muscle. Right now I'd estimate (using calipers) that I am about 25%BF, and at 194lbs. My eventual (but I believe very attainable) goal is to be 15%BF and 180lbs. Distant goal would be 190 and 12%. A little napkin-math here... correct me where I make mistakes!

    Current --- 194 = 145.5lb lean mass + 48.5lb fat
    First Goal --- 180 = 153 lb lean mass + 27lb fat

    That means I am looking to gain 7.5 lbs of muscle, and lose about 21.5 lbs of fat.

    If I want to do that before I turn 31 that gives me just about 5 months, which is probably UN-realistic. But, that'd give me 1 month of bulk, then 2 months of cut, then 1 more month of bulk, then 1 more cut month coming into my birthday. I will have to re-assess the timeline when I see how the first three months (1B+2C) go, but I am hopeful to see some real progress.

    As far as what I am actually DOING -

    MyFitnessPal to track nutrition (I am super bad at this one)
    JeFit for workout tracking. Right now I just use the beginner general workout plan that I have added/subtracted a few things from. - I have a horrible habit of skipping abs day, because I am fat(ish) and it makes me nauseated to do abdominal workouts.

    As far as what I am looking for -

    I'd love to have a community of people to cheer me on, and to follow along on their fitness journeys. I am not one to offer or one with a desire to receive negative critiques of figure/form, unless something is obviously medically dangerous and then I hope people would tell me too. I mostly am just looking for tips, tricks and anecdotes.

    So anyway - that's me. Hi, I'm Erik. Nice to meet all of you!

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    Welcome Erik - to Jefit and Europe! Sure you'll find lots of support here and I've never noticed any negative comments towards others.

    You've put yourself on a real hardcore programme so good luck with it - not worry about abs days, it'll be the least important. If your doing the major compound lifts the abs will take care of themselves.

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    As much as I like the idea my workout plan is "hardcore" I don't know that I agree. Which part? The goals for bodyfat and gains? That I agree is hardcore for the timeline, and I don't think it is necessarily achievable on that timeline - but still aiming for it! Or were you talking about the particular exercises that I do?

    Actually, I just updated my routine for bulking so I am doing a bit more rigorous training starting now, for the initial bulk. But the part I am actually worried about is the cut, because my diet has always been rubbish and I struggle with that. And I truly hate cardio work but I will probably head more that direction during the cutting phase, just so I am not quite such an angry hungry person.

    Any tips for cutting?

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    yeah it was the bulk and cut, bulk and cut which seemed a lot to ask of yourself but having goals is good. I have no tips for cutting as I've never done it, I've always had the opposite problem of trying to add weight!

    If you haven't been near a gym for a while it may be worth taking a few weeks just to get back into a training routine. Going at it too hard to start with may be inviting injury. Although 30 seems like a milestone you're still young and have lots of time to become the shape you want. Making steady progress may make any gains more permanent,

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    That is a good tip for sure. Luckily I got myself back in the gym about two years ago, but I have been going kind of at random when my schedule allowed it. And then a few month break here and there. But I am going on about 3 months of regular gym attendance, and so I feel OK about getting a little more serious now.

    Now to get a little shut eye because I am one of those people that likes to hit the weights before 6 in the morning.

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    For abs, I pick workouts that target lower abs because they're the most stubborn. Hanging Leg lifts have proven most effective for me. I would super set a few ab workouts into my routine randomly. Or lately I add a quick 4 min workout to the end. I've been using Brandon Carter's ab workout. He's got 15min workouts too and hiit. I plan on going the 15 min workouts between lifting. Mostly tabata rhythm with great exercises. His videos are on Facebook and YouTube. Good luck on your goals. I would like to do something similar. Gain more lean muscle and trim a little fat. 6 pack would be nice but definitely want to be stronger.

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