Back in 2001 I started taking Myoplex powered mix after my work outs, referred by a weightlifting friend. I got into working out 5x a week.

Within the first hour of taking Myoplex I would be in stomach pain followed by flatulence (the really bad paint peeling vapory kind). I had really good results in the first three months though.

The last time I took it I thought I was going to die, then I read the ingredients; eggs, which is what I am seriously allergic too. I stopped taking it and eventually stopped working out.

Now I’d like to look good again. I was told about Whey Protein, so I went the store and read the ingredients- no eggs. I’m on my second week of working out and using Whey Protein Gold Standard- But I’m getting some of the same feelings I used to experience with Myoplex.

I have to water it down to not get stomach aches, and I still get a little bit of an upset stomach. I double scooped after a work out one time and felt like I was going to throw up immediately afterwards.

I called the folks who make the Whey Protein and asked what’s up. I was told they produce other supplements with egg ingredients in the same facility as the Whey is produced and trace amounts of egg ingredient may be getting in the Whey mix. I still have an egg allergy, but I can tolerate it mixed in stuff like cake doughnuts so that should not be a big deal.

I don't know where or who to ask this question to, so I’ll try here- Anyone have an idea of why I am reacting to Whey like this? Does anyone know of an alternative, other than not taking Whey Protein?

Thanks, J-slice.