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    CPT or MFT - Constant Pressure Training or Muscle Focus Training

    For this Routine [url][/url]

    MFT CPT Bulking 5 Days a Week, shuffling musclegroups and exercises so you get enough rest 24/48 hours per musclegroup and so you dont stay with the same exercises all the time.
    MFT (Muscle Focus Training) or CPT (Constant Pressure Training) = Same Same.

    This training method is for advanced users only, AND really serious. I prefer that you have been training at least 1 year, with proper lifting technique in all standard/basic exercises.
    Muscle Focus Training is a very hard workoutstyle (for you, and your muscles). Dunno if anyone tried this before. But I will be the first that gives you instructions how to.

    When you train you will always lock your joints, like benchpress = elbowjoint lock, squats = kneejoint lock etc. Now, if you are going to follow my program, MFT,
    you arent allowed to lock your joints. The only time u want the "lock", its when you take the benchpress bar out from the racket(startingposition). Otherwise NEVER lock it.

    This is because you create a massive pressure and arent allowing your muscles to go in to rest. In order to keep the muscle activated constant during a set,
    requires an incredible muscle strength and endurance. If you dont have it now, consider it be done in about 1-2 month. When you master the technique (I sound like
    someone in Star Wars, "master the technique") you can start puttin' on some serious weights.

    A few people will call this bad. Well, you arent going to train like this year around. This is so heavy and hard for your muscles, so I prefer you doin 3 month on MFT and 1.5 month off.
    During this one and a half month off, you will go full ROM (Range Of Motion) and stay on 8-12 reps. So you will lockout your joints and train as you use to.

    Use/think of:
    A creatine blend, with most of the ordinary creatines.
    A good Pre Workout product - To last the workout
    A gainer and a regular proteinpowder to give the body much protein and carbonhydrates to build and prevent muscle breakdown.
    A EAA (Essential Amino Acids)
    I also eat homemade food, with a good fat and protein source.
    If you feel down, you arent in the mood of training legs that day, just shuffle the shedule. This shedule is made to shuffle, if you have Chest and triceps day, you still
    have sore muscles, well, change it so your muscles can rest more. Feel your body, it takes a while to notice and be able to hear your body.
    I use pretty high cal intake. Because this is a effctive bulking period, I use 2 grams of protein per kilogram body weight. And I use good fat (good fat = more testosterone
    , read studies). Carbohydrate intake is more effective if taken after workout, and before bedtime. So Gainer after workout, and a good meal prior to bedtime.
    Try to get 6-8 hours stable sleep.
    I use Magnesium-tabs because I get muscle cramps.
    (No, you dont need to buy all this. Its enought with a good gainer, its just tips.

    You can use MFT almost in what exercise you prefer. All sorts of presses (shoulderpresses, chestpresses, legs, squats, deadlifts and so on. However in like different back
    exercises like row. You should stretch your arms out as you use to, the joints will have a stretching weight, and not a pressing weight on it.

    Deadlift: Do a regular deadlift, but without touching the ground after every reps, and stretching the body (straightening) it up.
    A constant pressure will occur, when the back cant rest when you drop the bar, and it cant rest when you arent straightening your body.

    Benchpress: Do a regular benchpress, but dont go all the way up to straight arms, from chest and up to 80% straightened arms (here you can feel when the triceps is activated,
    and exactly before it activates, change the direction and start the press over).

    Squat: Do a regular squat, stop at 90 degrees, go up to 150-160 degrees (not straighened so the legs can rest) and keep the pressure on your upper legs.

    Bicepscurl: Do a regular curl, until you cant curl more (easy explained) lower it to 150 degrees. So from the curls stop-position (a full curl stop att top), down to a
    few centimeters before you can straighten your arms out, so you dont rest.

    This is just examples, you can do this in almost every exercise. The key is to ALWAYS keep the pressure on the muscle. I cant train for you, you have to test this, maybe it
    will take a while for you to get this 100%.

    SIZE DOESNT MATTER, AS LONG AS YOU ARE STRONG AS HELL. If you cant afford a ferarri, at least you should deadlift them.
    Do you have any questions or comments, you dont understand because of my shitty english, anything to add, or similar. Do not hesitate, send a message or reply here on the forum, I reply as quickly as I can. / Big DIZZLE aka BOBBE.
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