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    Ectomrphic Pyramid 3 Day Routine :)

    Plz give feedback
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    lol, i typed a long long reply .. and i clicked the wrong button -.- "shrugs"
    but i'll make it short this time. if you want details. you can pm me but since we're both ectomorph dudes, have you ever tried / considered (push/pull/legs) routine? if you're into bulking/strength building routine, almost everyone i asked on every workout sites (paid and free) recommended it and worked out for me.

    if you need any help. you can pm me , or reply here. hope i'll check it more often.

    and yeah, im not an expert in any way so you may want to search google to confirm my information :P

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    I'm just getting back into this world, but I really like this routine. I've looked at all the others but this one is just what I'm targeting and how I like to hit it. Thanks

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    How long do you continue on the same prog, and whats your gains mate, Im very interested

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