Hello all!

New to Jefit. Been on it about a week now. Decided to get back into the gym after a year or so off. I had done some limited training to get in shape for my wedding last summer, and have since let the muscle mass fade and the fat pile on.

Got some unfortunate cholesterol results from the doctor about a year ago and decided to get active again to try to manage that aspect of my life a little better. I have been on cardio (running) 3 to 4 times a week for the last 3 months and now want to add in strength training and some HIIT cardio to keep leaning out.

Stats: Male, Age 30, SW 188, Goal Weight: 165, Current Weight: 171. I started at around 22% body fat and would like to get down in the 13-15% range. I am currently fluctuating from 17-18%.

Routine: I'm on my 2nd week of Metallicadpa's PPL 6 day routine. Hitting the gym Monday-Saturday morning at 5am (feels like the only time free of life's interruptions. Work, Family w/ small child, etc.) This is also really the first time I am tracking CICO and trying to monitor my nutrient macros as well. Currently shooting for around 50% protein, 30% fat, 20% carbs. Once i hit goal weight I will likely adjust for a bit of bulking.

I am open to any advice or suggestions from any and all sources here as I am just starting the fitness routines again. I have so far been unable to keep them going for sustained periods of over 6 months, but would love to make this a permanent lifestyle change.

Thanks everyone,