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Thread: Hand calluses

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    Hand calluses

    Well, since I'm using Jefit I've been going to the gym more regularly (4-5 times a week) and I'm feeling pretty good. But as I'm doing more lifting and such, I'm starting to have some nasty calluses on my hands.

    What are your tricks for that? I've seen some people go with sponges... and I don't care for gloves...

    What do you suggest?

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    I suggest nothing. Wearing gloves will not make this better.

    You will get calluses and your hands will heal and eventually adapt.

    Read this:

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    I started to develop calluses after a month or two of weight training. The calluses slowly dimished once I started wearing gloves, a process that took about 4-6 months. My hands are now basically the same as they were before I started weight training.

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    I wear gloves, have no problem doing so. Still have gain calluses; that is just what it is. When lifting heaving such as the Deadlift or Bent-Over-Rows, the bar really bites into the hands regardless of gloves especially on the fingers were no gloves cover them. You get used to it.

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