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    Feedback and also need something to work obliques

    IMO obliques are the hardest muscles to isolate, so any help here is greatly appreciated. My current routine is this:

    Monday Abs and Cardio:

    Plate Twist x3
    Exercise ball crunch x3
    Press sit up x3
    Decline reverse Crunch x 3
    1 hr elliptical

    Tuesday Chest and Tris:

    Barbell Bench Press x3
    Triceps Pushdown - Rope x3
    Machine Incline Bench Press x3
    Cable Triceps Pushdown x3
    Machine Fly x3
    Barbell Triceps Extension x3
    Bench Press Machine x3

    Wednesday: Off

    Thursday: Legs

    Hack Squat x 3
    Standing Barbell Calf Raise x 3
    Leg press x3
    Calf Press on Leg Press Machine x3
    Lying Leg Curls x3
    Seated Calf Raise x 3

    Friday: Back and Bis

    Barbell Deadlift x 3
    Alternate Hammer Curl x 3
    Barbell Bent Over Row x 3
    Body Row x3
    Cable seated Row x 3
    Overhead Cable Curl x3
    Wide-grip Pulldown behind the neck x 3
    Standing Biceps Cable Curl x3

    Saturday: Off

    Sunday: Cardio/Shoulders

    Dumbbell Bent Over Delt Row x 3
    Machine Shoulder Press x 3
    Barbell Front Raise x 3
    Ellipitical 1 hr.

    Been doing this for about 6 weeks. Have gone from 42% body fat to 26% so I assume its working. But I have never found anything to hit the obliques.

    Feedback and help appreciated!!

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    Your obliques are primarily responsible for rotation of the spine and lateral flexion, but will be engaged in pretty much and kind of crunching movement as a stabilizer.

    Side planks and side extensions (with weight if necessary) are a good place to start as they will work both the internal and external obliques. Oblique crunches (I usually use an exercise ball) and weighted decline oblique crunches are good ones too.

    Pretty much any kind of twisting or bending to one side or the other will stress the obliques to some extent. Try something and see how they feel the next day. If it works, stick with it. If not, try something else.

    Good luck and let us know how it turns out.


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