IMO obliques are the hardest muscles to isolate, so any help here is greatly appreciated. My current routine is this:

Monday Abs and Cardio:

Plate Twist x3
Exercise ball crunch x3
Press sit up x3
Decline reverse Crunch x 3
1 hr elliptical

Tuesday Chest and Tris:

Barbell Bench Press x3
Triceps Pushdown - Rope x3
Machine Incline Bench Press x3
Cable Triceps Pushdown x3
Machine Fly x3
Barbell Triceps Extension x3
Bench Press Machine x3

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: Legs

Hack Squat x 3
Standing Barbell Calf Raise x 3
Leg press x3
Calf Press on Leg Press Machine x3
Lying Leg Curls x3
Seated Calf Raise x 3

Friday: Back and Bis

Barbell Deadlift x 3
Alternate Hammer Curl x 3
Barbell Bent Over Row x 3
Body Row x3
Cable seated Row x 3
Overhead Cable Curl x3
Wide-grip Pulldown behind the neck x 3
Standing Biceps Cable Curl x3

Saturday: Off

Sunday: Cardio/Shoulders

Dumbbell Bent Over Delt Row x 3
Machine Shoulder Press x 3
Barbell Front Raise x 3
Ellipitical 1 hr.

Been doing this for about 6 weeks. Have gone from 42% body fat to 26% so I assume its working. But I have never found anything to hit the obliques.

Feedback and help appreciated!!