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    New here, New to lifting...

    Hey everyone!

    As the title says, I'm new to lifting. I've tried a few things on my own but have never had a routine or a diet and have no idea where to begin. I sync'd up the "Classic muscle mass gaining program" routine to my phone and plan on getting started this coming Monday. I'm sure this is a common new guy question, but how do i determine the starting weight for these exercises? I don't want to cheat myself, but I don't want to injure myself either. I mean, once i've finished all the sets for an exercise should I be at muscle failure? My goal is to bulk up.

    I'm 6' and 150lbs, and thats only because i've been on recovery from ankle surgery. I was 130 before so i'm skinny and have a nice little gut for the first time ever. I have a fast metabolism that is starting to slow, so I haven't always had a healthy diet. I've cut out soda, drink a lot more water, and try to get as much protien and carbs as possible. If anyone has some advice, insight, or a good link to some info i can review, please point me in the right direction. Thanks

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    Dang.... I thought I used to be skinny when I was 18 being 6' and weighing in at 145.

    I didn't read everything that others responded with, so if this has been mentioned, then it must be worth mentioning again (lol) :

    It can be discouraging for those of us who are naturally skinny. We are called "hardgainers", and as the name implies, you may find it difficult to build up bulk rapidly. I'm 32 y/o now, so prior to lifting, my body had pretty much settled where it wants to be - about 170 lbs. I didn't start lifting until about 2 years ago. I'm now at about 180-185, but I am a lot leaner than I was when I first started. I will say that when I entered basic training at 18 I gained 15 pounds just doing army exercises, so you may put on some muscle mass rapidly. Just don't get discouraged if you seem to plateau around 160 or so pounds. Our bodies just don't have a lot of fast twitch muscle fibers (the ones that grow from weight lifting), so you likely won't get very big, but you will have a good looking, fit, and cut physique with some effort.

    The only two things I know of that can help your situation is to eat A LOT and weight train A LOT. I eat 3000-3500 calories with about 180g of protein per day and I still cannot break out of the low 180 lb range, even though I am increasing my weight and/or reps every single week on every single movement I do. I know I will eventually get up to my goal of 190 pounds, but it will be a long, hard road.

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