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    While I know of many of these people I have never really been big into this scene. These guys are jacked on everything under the sun and what they do is not attainable by us so I lose interest in them. And I hate when they promote supplements that they never used to achieve how they look or perform; I hate liars.

    I'm currently doing a workout by Dorian Yates called Blood & Guts; getting great results too. I had reviewed it and it is solid so I have much respect for Dorian's knowledge. Earlier in my lifting I was big on Bill Pearl and still have his book "Getting Stronger" that I used to use quite a bit many years ago and gave me a good foundation for the different exercises.

    As for who motivates me to make goals, I would have to say "me". I am self motivated and my philosophy has always been "Bigger, Faster, Stronger".

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    Dolph Lundgren has always motivated me, and my main target is to get to his size when he was in Rocky 4 which is 261 pounds. I'm 6'4" and currently around 211lbs so have a long way to go and will probably never make it, but I'll keep trying.
    Another influence is power lifter Phil Beniston, he has held, and possibly still does, various world records in power lifting. He is also my martial arts instructor.

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    I can't say that any person other than myself motivated me to workout, and I'm a naturally slim guy so I have delusions that I will ever remotely resemble any pro bodybuilders. I tend to try to aspire to model myself after people I see on TV or movies who have a similar frame to me. Right now I'd like to have a physique like Jared Padalecki (Supernatural, the taller of the two brothers).

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