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    What is the best way to use in gym tracking?

    So i just got the jefit pro version on my phone. Im trying to figure out the best way to track number of sets reps and weight used while im working out. i got the app because i wanted a convenient way of keeping track of my workout, but so far i dont see how to do this very easily. Im probably just overlooking something very simple. any help would be appreciated.

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    This is precisely what Jefit is good at!

    Have you set up a routine? Once you have, go into the routine, select which "day" you want, and select the first exercise. In the gym, put your phone in your pocket or nearby somewhere where you're not going to drop a weight on it! Do your first set then select (or type) the weight and reps you did on the exercise screen. Then hit "save and start timer" and rest - if you have headphones plugged in you'll hear tones to alert you at the same time as the final 3-2-1-Go of the timer. (If you don't want to use the rest timer, just hit "save" instead of "save and start timer"). Do your next set, enter weight and reps, save again. Repeat until you've done all the sets for that exercise - then when you hit save it will take you to the next exercise in the routine. Do your set, enter weight and reps, save, lather, rinse, repeat. When you get to the end of your routine hit syncronize and your logs will be uploaded to the website.

    Once you've figured out the basics Jefit is pretty intuitive and you should be able to figure out how to do anything you need.

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    1. Set up a routine

    2. Go to LOGS

    3. Select the date you are working out

    4. Add Log (see button on bottom)

    5. Select date or today

    6. Select your Routine OR you can just pick individual exercises from the "built-in DB" or from the "custom DB" ... DB means database.

    The rest should be pretty straight forward from this point.

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