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    Hey all, I'm from the UK and been training for around 6 years on and off (I'm now 30). Had the Jefit app on my phone a while now, but never used it properly until the other day. It's great and I've bought the pro version to show support. I've hit a wall with my training and so am using this to try and break through it as I can log my progress and know what I need to do to beat my personal bests. I also use it to add extra excercises to my routines that I didn't think of doing before.


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    Good to have you aboard Shane. Hitting a plateau is a b**ch... I feel like I've hit one myself. If you find something that helps, please post it. I think I'm going to do a month of P90X to see if I can break through so I can start putting on some more mass.

    Good luck!

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