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    I've got a kickboxing tournament in just over a week, I know I can't do much in that time, but has anyone got any tips for increasing stamina quickly?

    Thanks, Shane.
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    Thanks for the reply. I mainly lift weights at the gym and swapped my routine around 6 months ago to give myself a change. I used to do heavy with less reps, but now I have dropped the weight and do far more reps. I have been using the treadmill after a workout and it sounds like what I have been doing may be correct. I was keeping an eye on my heart rate and running until it got to about 160, then I'd jog till it dropped to 140, then run again. I've never had anyone to tell me whether I'm training correctly or not so that's why I've joined this forum to try and get advice and to find new training routines.


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    Hey Saint. I'm a weight lifter and a martial artist; my arts are Taekwondo and Brazilian Jujitsu. I have found the best way to increase your stamina is by actually doing your art. Supplementing with weight training geared towards your art, increased cardio exercises and circuit type training will also aid you however with just over a week away, DOING your art should be your main focus. Look for ways of controlling your breathing as well as not blowing your load all at once; you know what I'm talking about. That emotional dump that saps you of all of your energy. Look for ways of conserving when you can and exploding when you need to. Good luck.

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