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    Can't find easy variations for two abs exercices

    Hi everyone, I've been practicing for 3 weeks now, and the problem I'm faced with is about my abs : Heels to the heaven and X-man crunch are too difficult and thus result in lower back pain. I would greatly appreciate if you could advise me two exercices that would remplace those (BodyWeight only).
    Thanks in advance.
    With my best sport salutations.

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    stick to the basic. Do it on the floor with no weights and also inclined on the bench.

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    Do you have a place you could attach a resistance band?
    They're basically big stretchy elastic bands.
    If you can, loop one around something solid about nose height. From there you can do any number of exercises based on rotation of your trunk.
    Here is a brief description of some good ones but look online for more examples.
    Facing away and pretending you're chopping wood, each side.
    Stand facing the band with your feet and shoulders squared and pull the band to each side of you.
    Stand at 90 degrees to the band and pull the band to in front of you by rotating at the trunk.

    Rotating around the trunk is the main function of you abdomen and by being on your feet the exercise is far more functional and uses all the core, ab and posture muscles. Most situp type exercises only work the hip flexor muscles and will eventually lead to tightness and anterior pelvic tilt which can exacerbate spine issues.

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    Try knee raises from a dip station, if you back still hurts you might want to consider focusing on your back a bit more as it could be your back is too weak compared to the front.

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