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    Question do i really need special drinks after working out

    hi im new here and new to the gym too.
    i decided to become a member at my local workout.
    im now wondering can i just workout an hour at 5 days a week or
    would it be better to work out then drink those powder drinks
    i see others do? what do that drink really do? lol

    i have never gym before and after years of abuse my belly is
    all over the place (way too much guinness / beer / whiskey) LOL

    im terrified ... i went to the gym today and signed up, then
    a worker showed me around LOL i dont even know how to operate
    the machines that i saw hahahah.

    anyway what do you guys eat or drink after working out.....
    oohh yea... can i still smoke LOL

    i just remembered, i need some sort of program that i can work with
    it must be for a newbie like me, im not training to be like Arnold or
    that rambo or rocky fella. i just want to feel great and get back to
    shape as currently i cant see ma balls LOL

    help me out

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