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    Now that it's been added, I really like the "Do It" feature. As I've said before, I have been in a transitional state for most of my workouts, and it's awesome to be able to scroll through the list until I find something I want to try and just get it underway rather than having to add it to a routine then go back to the routine, etc.

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    I really like the rest timer, especially the audio alert at the end, I'm always listening to music in the gym and playing the beeps through the headphones means I don't have to keep checking the phone or my watch for the time. The timer helps keep my workouts paced properly and stops me spending too much time resting (recently I've been working out quite often before work in the morning so this stops me from being late for work!)

    But there are a couple of things about it that annoy me, which have already been mentioned as suggestions for improvement - one is if I accidentally hit "save and start timer" when I'm fumbling to get my phone out of my pocket there's no easy way to undo it; the other is that I can't back out of the timer without canceling it (for instance, I've finished my final set of exercise 1, and decide I want to do a different exercise 2 to normal using the new "do it" feature, if I back out of the timer to look up the new exercise I lose the rest timer).

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