Hello JEFIT world. i am new to the community and also returning to the gym. i have not worked out since highschool. I am 27 years old now. i am currently beginning the journy to becoming a police officer i hope. but basically i want to loose some weight and then bulk up a little.

Here is where i am so far for the last month or so i have been attending the local gym and running and doing some lifting, but nothing too organized. which is why i got the APP. I started at about 215lbs about a month and a half ago. at the point i cut out my soda drinking and started to cut back on the junk. for the last 2 weeks i have been drinking a slimfast in the morning and for lunch and then eating a decent dinner. as of yesterday i am currently at 197.8lbs. what i want to do is drop to about 185 or so and then build back up to about 200 but this time with muscle instead of fat.

Any ideas or tips to help me with my goals?