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    Cool noob here

    Hey my name is mike I'm new here 25 years old originally from East L.A. but stay in Vegas now and I decided to get back on the fitt band wagon. I'm 6'1" 230 lbs this will be my first time in the gym since my motorcycle accident. I am recovering pretty quickly it was only a year ago. Prior to my accident eI weighed 226 and was at the gym monday through friday. After the accident I dropped down to 200lbs. And since then gained it all back :/

    My diet will consist of an HCG/Herbalife type. And the supplements I've collected so far are Animal pack, protein, creatine, and a multivitamin. I'm also planning to get some NOXplode.

    The hardest so far is the discipline of a consistant workout and diet. Since I drive a truck all day I find myself eating too much junk food and sodas. And when I get home there's always a Big mexican dinner waiting for me. Somedays all I eat is hotdogs chips chocolate and soda...yuck

    Any suggestions or comments are more than welcomed positive and negative. Thanks for your time.

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    Welcome aboard Mike! I think, probably in your case, is to not jump back into the gym too hard or fast. I can tell you probably want to hit it like you were before your wreck (I'm glad you made it out alive, btw), but with such a long hiatus, you probably need to start off really easy, 3 days a week, and get your body reconditioned to working out again.

    Once you get back into it, I'm sure everything else will fall into place, even your diet. Good luck!

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