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    newb here... new to JEFIT, not to excercise...

    in the last year i gained 30lbs.... granted i got reconstruction surgery on my knee (July 10) and i quit smoking in January.... no excuse, i also got lazy!!

    just found this program...and i hope it can get me to my target weight... 165lbs.

    im ~200lbs now, and im 5'9

    so im going to start with running and strength training again... im eating super healthy (salads, fruit etc) so lets hope this works for me. losing weight has always been a challange for me since i have always been on the heavier side my whole life...

    hi to all and good luck to you all!!

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    Happy to have you here rodnar! Good luck with your weight loss - and don't be afraid to post up if you need anything.

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