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    Add ability to copy the numbers entered in the set above in a Exercise

    When using the app it would be good to have the following functionality:

    When you start a new exercise and perform the first set you enter your weight and number of reps if they are different from the time before. Now each time you complete a set you have to enter in each value again and again.

    The ability to copy the line above in a set instead of having to type out the new weight and rep number would improve the app. Often I have to type is odd numbers like 76.8 etc which is not available on the drop down list and usually you do the same weight and rep number for each set in an exercise.

    Maybe by pressing the Set Number it copies the line above.

    This would save alot of time and make the app more user friendly.
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    Copy the line above? Do you mean copy weight and reps from set 1 to set 2?

    My jefit app on android allows me to simply tap save to record the weight and reps showing up from the previous week, assuming the weight and reps are the same. 9 times out of 10 they are the same and would only be different if I was feeling under the weather(and did less) or feeling great and added another rep to my last set or from the beginning of the sets started my increments 5# heavier for example. But once I made the change then every workout that follows will have my new weight and rep numbers, which I target for my workout. Always striving to hit as a minimum, even when I feel like crap.
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    Yes, copy the numbers from one set to the next.
    The routine I do has different numbers each week so I need to change it each time.

    If you do the same thing each week its not a problem

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