I see some members have requested integration/sync from various other platforms where it is possible to record measurements of weight, % body fat, body fat mass and muscle mass. Some of these members have requested this feature a couple of years ago with no comment or follow up from JeFit admins.

I personally have a Withings scale. But the information from this (in Health Mate) is also in Garmin Connect and Samsung Health, and Google Fit.

Currently, you only have integration with Google Fit and even this is only one way and lacks the details of the abovementioned services.

It would be great and much simpler if the basics of weight, percentage body fat and/or fat mass, and muscle mass could be pulled from some of the popular weighing sources, given exercise and weighing in go hand in hand.

If development and admins could acknowledge this instead of not responding at all (even if it is to say yeah, it's possible and add it to a JeFit features roadmap). We understand these things can't happen over night. But bluetooth/internet scales are common in most bathrooms these days and integration is key for anyone wanting and needing to use mutliple sources to get their health together.

Thanks in advance.