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No capability to export data from JEFIT to other apps. It has been designed this way and even if we have received numerous suggestions to have this feature become available, we're not looking at the possibility to import your logs to any competitor's apps. I hope you understand that we do it this way to protect our service even if it's free or paid.

As for the HealthKit, we have very limited people who wants this integration. Let's say 20 people, there are only 1-2 requesting this feature. If we have hit the right audience, then we will most likely add this up in the future. Right now, developing it for a very limited audience may take a lot of our time and to be honest, we're just a very small company with very limited manpower so we want to focus more on improving the available features.
I'm truly disappointed. I started using your app just a week ago and thought it was safe to assume you had a HealthKit integration (this is standard for fitness apps these days). After not finding it I thought it was safe to assume you were working on it. Finding this response was really surprising. I can't bring myself to be a customer anymore not just because your app is isolated from all my other fitness apps but because of the way you think about your business. Being defensive about integrations like this shows you're not confident in your product, which makes me lose confidence in your product.

I work in software and, just a hunch, your 2 in 20 number is way off. My guess is you are silently losing potential customers and stifling user adoption by actively omitting a HealthKit integration.