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    Guten Tag

    Joining the community. I was very active and in great shape but I injured my back about a year ago. I finally had surgery last Feb and am feeling good but just starting to work out again. I was 175lb.--benching 315--squating 405--runing 3 mi in 22 min. I'm now 201lb--weak--slow. I'd appreciate any advice on finding a routine to cut the weight, get stronger, get faster, while protecting my back.

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    Glad to have you hear Wags. It's good to see your back surgery went well. Take it VERY easy the first month or two. Get your body conditioned for exercise before you start hitting the weights hard. Of course you need to eat healthy, stay away from sugary food and carbs. Other than that, have fun!

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    Welcome Wags!

    Glad to hear you have started to work out again. If I were you, I would search for a routine which focuses on core strength. It is vital to have strong core strenght, especially since you have had a surgery.

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