On my wedding day I decided to loose weight. That was 3 years ago. I am 90lbs lighter and feel awesome. Six months ago I decided to begin working out for the first time in 10 Years. I had lost the weight previously with dieting alone and had never started a workout routine.

I started my routine early Dec 2010. Every thing went smoothly until I caught the flu. I was down for a week or so and thought I was feeling better when I caught a different strain. My Daughter was tested with both Strain A and B type Influenza as well. This was a really de-motivating start to my routine. Finally in late Jan I was able start hitting the gym again only to hurt my Arm (Really bad case of Tennis Elbow). That sucked. Well I have healed up and have begun to workout again. JEFIT for my Android is great. It is one less thing to deal with. I get up at 4:45AM to work out and I work a rotating shift at work. Not to mention taking care of my Daughter. JEFIT has helped keep me motivated and is tool I plan on using for years.