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    I personally prefer to buy protein powders that are unflavored. No matter how good a product tastes after taking it 2-3 times a day for a week it just starts to taste awful. So I buy unflavored and I mix it with different types of juice, milk and cocoa or whatever else I feel like. On top of that you get more bang for your buck as you're not paying for all of the flavoring ingredients which most of the time are mystery ingredients.

    You'll see that there are actually not that many companies that offer it as the actual pure protein powder is way more expensive than the flavoring agents. But be smart and do the math next time you're buying your new supply.

    I tried unflavored protein powder for the first time after my personal trainer let me try his and I only buy that ever since. Right now there are only the Jarrow brand offering it, also GNC and I just found on google a new brand called TGS Nutrition - these seem to offer all natural, soy free, gluten free and unflavored whey protein.

    I would recommend you go with one of those brands.

    Jarrow: [url][/url]
    GNC: [url][/url]
    TGS Nutrition: [url][/url]

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    I use Nature's Best® Isopure with Coffee - Columbian Coffee Man this thing test really good. Especially when you use almond milk frozen fruits instead of ice.

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    ISO Pure Cookies N Cream....freaking fantastic!

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    Max hydroxy cut hardcore or what ever it is called in chocolate is the best one i have tired (mix with water) i have tried about 3 others and not a fan of any.

    What they need to bring out is mixed flavore bundles. i buy my protien in 3KG packages i would love it if a company gave a mix of 1KG each flavour or something like ice cream chocolate vanilla strawberry mix or something. as what use to be easy is getting hard to drink.

    been on chocolate for about 2 years now since i dont want to buy 3KG in a flavour i could not like LOL

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    I like chocolate too. It overrides the taste of the protein in my drink. I am not fond of other flavors as they tend to have this weird aftertaste.

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    Peanut butter swirl or chocolate is the best way to go. I can't stand the taste of vanilla so I've never been able to stomach the vanilla flavoured protein.

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    Protin shakes that taste god

    Glad to see you have a gym plan, and have been sticking with it.

    Protein shakes will help you reach your overall protein goals. One type of protein will not have much of an effect over another type. Just find a type of protein you enjoy drinking. You do not need a different type of protein pre and post workout, and the timing of your protein shake has little to no effect.

    Some of my favorite proteins to date are:
    Impact Whey
    Whey HD
    Iso Smooth

    But OP, it seems like you should nail down your overall calorie/macro goals first to figure out how much protein you should be getting per day. Have you had a chance to view the stickies in the Nutrition section? They can be extremely helpful for newcomers.

    Wish you all the best.

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    What does god taste like? All I ever see is chocolate and vanilla.

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    MHP Up Your Mass - Fudge Brownie

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    Best protein shakes are from the Impact Whey Protein chocolate nut, chocolate smooth and strawberry cream are all epic. Taste great. No crappy fillers. 80% protein content. What more do you need?

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