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    Any help with a newby to working out

    Hey all is there anyone with a good routine or that could help me plan one to get lean and cut not really buff just like to get lean and cut look and am new to actually working out so not sure what all to do and proper times and ways to do it. I'm 25 / 155 lbs / 30 waist / 5'11" / have a little bit of an issue where I lost weight fast but didn't build the muscle to replace it but willing to work hard as needed. I try to eat as healthy as a busy work life allows. Thank you so much for anyone that can help.

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    Hey, iboywdw...

    Looks like no one hit you I'll throw some advice out. Lean and cut is all about bodyfat percentage. All the stats you posted are fine, but you cold be 155 and solid, or 155 and a tub of goo. So, first and foremost, I would say you need to get your bodyfat tested. You can do this yourself...its not quite as accurate that way, but cheap...or you can have it done at a local gym. Once you figure out where you're at, THEN you can worry about routines and diet.

    Any idiot can throw the wieghts around. That won't help you get lean and cut. It's all in the diet: Calorie intake, carb management, proteins, etc. I will say this, though...carido is key to being lean. Look up HIIT cardio on the net for the best way to burn bodyfat and spare muscle. Also, try the forums at [url][/url] . There's a lot more people there, and they're quite helpful.

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    are you ectomorphic mate ?

    from your stats im guessing you are, I certainly am, I was 6.4 and weighed 11 stone begining of last years and im now 13.8
    Id be more than happy to give you advice and discus some options with you

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    Beginner's Workout From Men's Health (Modified a Little)

    I am in the same boat as you (ok - a little fatter but a beginner).

    To determine your start out weight begin an exercise with an empty Bar and then add 10 pounds with each 5 rep set. Stop when you know it will be too hard to go up a level. Do two more reps at that weight and stop. Add weight each session.

    Days alternate between A and B routines. A days also have A1 and A2 routines. Do three sets of 5 reps for each exercise.

    I warm up with 3 sets of Jumping Jacks (20 reps) and sit-ups (25 reps).

    With each exercise do a warm up set with about 1/2 weight.

    Bench Press
    Barbell Curls

    Bench Press
    Tricep Extension

    Bench Press
    Power Cleans
    Should Press

    Do this M, W and F.

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