Hey guys,

First off i downloaded JEFIT a couple of days ago and i really like the way it looks and works.
You guys did a great job, especcialy with the animations!
I haven't really did a full workout with it but i'll begin soon.

Now, I have a 12 week cutting routine in an excel file which i want to put into the JEFIT app. I dont mind doing this by hand but, the problem i have now is that this routine is based on two routines. :S for example:

Uneven weeks

Shoulders: Barbell shoulder press - 5 sets - 6,6,10,10,12 reps

Even weeks:

Shoulders: Dumbell shoulder press - 5 sets -10,10,15,15,20 reps

Same thing with the cardio, it changes in duration and level.

So should i build 2 routines and switch between them, or should i put just 2 mondays, 2 tuesdays etc. in one routine en choose the correct one?

What would be the best way to do this, and still make the best of use of the JEFIT features.