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    Help Building a Routine

    Hi everyone,

    I need some help building a workout routine.
    I've worked out in the past, but it was normally at a gym and I had people there to guide me. I have some equipment at home and I would like to start start using it, but I don't really know how to build myself a program. I know there are lots of routines in the forums, but I don't know which one would fit my needs.

    I would like to build a program that fits 3 days a week. Once I get used to it I may increase it to 4 days a week, but I want to see if I can keep up with it.

    I need some help in determining the weight I should use for each exercise. I've always had a problem determining that.

    Also, due to a physical problem (in the process of being checked out and hopefully taken care of), I can't do anything involving my legs. On top of power-related training, I can't really do any cardio-vascular training at the moment, so no need to go into that.

    My goal is a combination of cutting-bulking.

    I realize it takes time to build a program, but I would really appreciate any kind of help you can offer. In general, I have a set of free weights, resistance bands, a multi-trainer (would be difficult to describe what's included in it) and some other accessories.

    Thanks for all the help!

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    As well as the routines in Jefit there are several really good websites out there. is one of my favourites:

    Building a routine: [url][/url]
    Big list of exercises, ordered by muscle group and then by equipment: [url][/url]

    In terms of choosing a weight, you need to find a weight to start with that enables you to do the desired sets & reps (probably 2 sets of 8-12 reps is a good starting point, then switch up to 3 sets once you get comfortable with the routine) while being heavy enough that you find the last few reps challenging. Then add extra weight gradually as you improve. This is very much a trial and error process, start light and work up if it's too easy is better than starting too heavy and risking injuring yourself, but still don't be afraid to switch to a lower weight if you find you need to. Remember that each exercise has different physics and works different muscles so the weight you use will vary from one exercise to another. It's always best to start a new exercise with a lighter weight than you would normally use so you get used to correct form before increasing the weight. Don't be tempted to use poor form to enable you to shift a heavier weight (like when people move their shoulders and waist to swing up in a bicep curl, this isn't exercising your biceps, so you're not doing yourself any favours by cheating).

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    tjwood gave you a good head start. For the weight, its all trial & error. Concern yourself with form to start rather than weight. is a GREAT resource.

    I know I keep throwing this routine out there, but take a look at [url][/url]. That's a great starter plan. Remove the exercises you can't do (not sure of what you can/can't do).

    If you really have physical limits now, stick to lighter weight until you get the OK. Don't want to overdo it and cause other issues. Be safe.

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    I think the best would be to look through all the routines on here and choose one that you like the look of, one that works the areas you want to bulk and fits in with the equipment you have available to you and you can perform

    then maybe adjust it slightly to fit you, like if you want to improve your arms abit more maybe add an extra bicep/tricep exercise or 2

    an doing certain parts of the body together on a day can help, such as doing some chest exercises an work your triceps aswell so mixing them 2 on the same day etc

    and maybe try doing 4 sets of each, 1 or 2 doing lighter weights but high reps, to help with the cutting, then the rest with heavier weights for the bulking, and add more cardio, abs etc workouts

    and be sure to stretch and warm up and drink ALOT of water

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    First thing, thanks for the replies. I found them all really helpful to get me started.

    I wanted to create a routine and share it with you for opinion, but unfortunately, I'm not sure it's possible to build a routine the way I want with Jefit.

    I was thinking of creating a 2 Day Split Workout (A/B) with Push / Pull (that's what I used to do back in the days), and do it 3 times a week, according to the plan of XAXBXAX,XBXAXBX (alternating each week) but I'm not sure how to do that with Jefit. Any idea?

    Also, from what I've read in, it seems that most routines have only one exercise per body part. Is that right? Does it make sense?

    Thanks again for all the help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bonanza View Post
    Also, from what I've read in, it seems that most routines have only one exercise per body part. Is that right? Does it make sense?
    Not really. Exercises will target a primary muscle group, but usually involve others in the process. Take the barbell shoulder press for example ([url][/url]). It targets the delts, but you'll notice the synergists as well. These muscles are involved in the exercise as well. Helpers so to speak.

    As far as routines, well that's all over the place. Some people put emphasis on certain areas. While some do not. Compound movements will be easier to start with and produce good results for a beginner.

    Just my $0.02. I'm not an expert by any means.

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