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    I don't bother with the weight gainers. They're too expensive for me. You can buy bulk maltodextrin or waxy maize and make your own for cheaper. I usually add peanut butter or almond butter and oatmeal and maybe a banana to my protein shake to add a few extra calories.

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    I'll second the maize. I've recently added that to my post-workout shake and its been a help with recovery. PB works pretty good too. Downside is that I LOVE peanut butter so I have to watch how much I eat.
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    Why Creatine is not working for some?!
    Beside Genetic

    When it reaches your stomach may begin to break down creatine into its metabolized form creatinine. Creatinine is a waste product that must be filtered out of the body by the kidneys.

    Assuming you are consuming 5 grams of Creatine your body may benefit only survived 1-2 or less gram or even nothing espically with people with stomach disorders 
    Many other factors affect this, your stomach acidity (not Creatine friendly  ) and pre Creatine Meal for that it's recommended to consume Creatine on Empty stomach.

    So what is best way to increase Creatine benefits ?
    Divide your creatine dosage on 4-5 doses in small amounts i.e 500mg-1 gram followed by at least 8 oz of water in each consume and make sure you don’t eat or drink anything tell 20 min passed.


    What I take?

    => 6:45 am
    =>Amino Acid ( 5 gram )
    =>Creatine AKG forum ( 375 mg )
    =>Glutamine ( 1 g )
    =>Fish Oil ( 2 grams )

    7:15 am ( Breakfast)

    => 10:30 am
    =>Creatine AKG forum ( 375 mg )
    =>Glutamine ( 1 g )
    =>Fish Oil ( 2 grams)

    10:45 am Meal 2

    => 1:30 pm
    => Creatine AKG forum ( 375 mg )
    => Glutamine ( 1 g )
    => Meal 3 (Protein Shake)

    => 4:00 pm
    => Meal 4

    => 7:00 pm
    =>Jack3d ( 1 scope )
    =>Creatine AKG forum ( 375 mg )
    =>Glutamine ( 1 g )
    => 10 grams of Amino Acid

    => 7:45 pm Workout

    => 9:30 pm
    =>Meal 5

    => 10:00+~ before sleep Casein Protein shake + 2-3 grams of Glutamine

    (Above schedule may contain errors and not balanced)
    (My opinion based on personal experience and reading articles about Creatine online)
    (Sorry for my English ^>^)

    And good luck for everyone

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    Best Pre-Workut Supplement

    Hi, Good Afternoon Friends, How are you all?. Hi, Mate I just want to tell you that Aminoz Creatine the best pre workout supplement is perfect for you. So try this supplement. Go through its website once and then buy this supplement and use it. beleive me, you will get amazing results quickly.There is no risk of side effects of it. You can choose any flavor or size of it. You can also buy this supplement from other online marketplaces as Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon etc.

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    weight gainer

    Pharmascience Health Gainer for contains calories in bulk and Weight Gain
    A Health Gainer is a Pharma science - the Indian Ayurveda product. It is basically a weight work additive product which generally comes in a powder form which contains calories in bulk. It is full of proteins, fats and carbohydrates which gives your body an ultimate improvement and a muscular growth.
    For more visit

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    How Exactly Does Creatine Work

    Creatine is a “nitrogenous organic acid that occurs naturally in vertebrates.” Creatine is found most abundantly in the following Food; Beef, Salmon & Tuna. You can also consume Creatine, as a Supplement which you can pretty much find everywhere. The Creatine that’s found in Supps is a white powder. It can be mixed with any liquid, and drank quite easily too.

    Creatine is Cell Volumizer. This means your Muscle Membrane is able to retain more water, and this allows your Muscles to Repair & Grow more effectively. Cell Volume helps facilitate the process of getting amino acids inside of your Muscle Cells. This turns on Protein Synthesis, and suppresses protein breakdown, especially during the very important workout windows of Pre-Workout, During-Workout & Post-Workout.

    Basically, Creatine allows your Muscles to “Do More Work” - and ultimately allows them to Repair & Grow faster. It’s important to note that (the average) human body Naturally Produces around 1 gram of Creatine, per day in young adults. We make a little less, as we age. Therefore, it’s advisable to consume between 3 - 5 grams of Creatine Daily. The more Lean Muscle Mass you have, the more Creatine you should consume.

    So if you’re over 200 pounds and below 20% Body Fat, then 5 grams would be better for you. On the other hand, if you’re below 150 pounds, and below 20% Body Fat, then 3 grams would be all you need. It’s not advisable, to ALWAYS be taking Creatine. If you’re taking Creatine ALL of the time it just becomes less and less effective, as time goes on.

    Your Kidneys and Liver might also be stressed, so ONLY use Creatine for 2-3 Months at a time. And then NOT use Creatine for the following 2-3 Months. Just repeat this Cycling ON & OFF of Creatine, and you should absolutely get Bigger, Faster & Stronger each time you Cycle Creatine!

    Front Loading Creatine ensures that there’s ample Creatine in your bloodstream, for your “Cycling On” Creatine phase. There are quite a few different suggestions of how much, and how long you should Front Load Creatine. The General Rule for Front Loading Creatine is 20 grams a Day for 7 Days. I just ask that you consult a doctor, or medical care professional before you start taking Creatine.

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