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    is the bowflex really the perfect machine to get fit over free weights

    i have a bowflex and i dont feel it to be as good as free weights i need to know a good routine to drop weight and tone

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    I have a bowflex ultimate 2 and it will get the job done but there are much better pieces of equipment. For example my inspire ft1 that's being delivered on Friday or my prospot p100 that I have had for years. The key to dropping weight and getting tone is lower weight and higher reps, cardio and diet. As for diet don't crash diet it never works out. Eliminating sugar and fast food is essential
    Start your day with oatmeal (Quaker weight control is a good choice ) and for lunch try a 6 inch from subway (stay away from condiments Mayo etc) or healthy choice meals lean cuisine etc. And repeat for dinner. A couple of snacks a day is also good as long as its fruit or just plain sugar free

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    I don't think that the bowflex is better or worse than free weights. Mike is correct. High Reps, Cardio, and Diet are the keys to losing weight. You actually could do the exercise portion simiply with your body weight (running, pushs ups, sit up, pull ups, lunges, etc.). The key is to stick with whatever program you use. You won't see results immediately but after 90 days you will, then go ahead and choose another exercise program so you don't get too bored.

    As far as diet is concerned there are some simple rules. Don't eat fast food, no soda or sugary drinks, don't eat after 7pm, drink water first thing when you wake up, Breakfast like a king - lunch like a prince - dinner like a pauper (i.e. more calories in the A.M.), eat healthy snacks between meals. I usually let Sunday be my free day so I don't get discouraged.

    Good luck!

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    The most important thing when trying to lose fat is a proper diet. If thats not right you'll have a hard time.
    What was written above ar all good suggestions. I'll just add a couple of things.
    Lay of the carbs in the evening when you are not planning on staying up for long. If you stick to protein the body will have to use that for energy instead of the carbs. Protein are less effective as an energy resource than carbs. So the energy lasts until you go to sleep. But during your sleep your body will have run out of it and it will start burning fat for energy. When doing this drink more water because your kidneys will get harmed by processing more proteins if you don't drink enough water. In general you should drink enough water. Also eat more vegies. They contain a lot of fibers which fill your stomach but dont have lots of calories, sugars and fat. They're also healthy so it's just win win there.

    Exercising is also important to burn energy but this doesn't mean you have to go jogging for an hour everyday. Basically you really just need to move more i.e. using the stairs instead of escalator or elevator, walking instead of driving and so on. Every little bit of movement consumes calories and when you add those up they become a big number.

    Most importantly you just have to stick with your program. Progress doesn't come within days. It takes time! Losing fat is hard but maintaining your level is easier.

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    I agree with everything above with the exception of the very last sentence. Lots of people go hard core lose weight make their goals and the next thing you know they go back to what they were before (been there done that). Its not about crash diets and working out to achieve your goal. Its about changing your lifestyle once and for good. I used to weigh over 400 pounds and now I'm 180 and have been for 3 years now. (Actually I went down to 160 and after hitting the weights hard for the last 8 months I have gained 20 but its not fat. But all this being said I still have moments I want to eat something I shouldn't and it's a daily struggle. Good luck

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    Also you can try eating the same portion but break it out into several smaller meals and you wont be hungry all the time.

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