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    Injured while practicing - Need help!

    Hey!! I’m a ballet dancer. I have started dancing at the age of 8. I’m passionate about it. I’m planning to start ballet classes for kids in my neighborhood. This is my all time aim and I’m about to achieve it.
    Last day while practicing, I injured myself. There was no major issue, so I continued practicing after taking rest. After reaching home I lied on my bed, that was the only thing I remember. After sometimes when I tried to get up, I was suffering from severe back pain. I didn’t know what to do. I called out my mom, she kept ice pack and asked me to take rest. There was no change in my condition. I have planned to start my classes from November. Since my condition is not good, I don’t know what to do. One of my neighbors suggested undergoing [URL=""]spinal decompression therapy[/URL]. She said that I might have injured my disc during the fall. I’m worried about the situation, so I have scheduled an appointment with a therapist in my locality for next week. Will this be an end of my dream? Has anyone here had a similar situation? How did you handle it? Any advice is highly appreciated. Thanks!!
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    Not the end

    Hello Anna,

    I would not say that it is the end to any dreams you have. When you fell you could have done a number of things. Are you having issues breathing? if so then you could have an issue with a rib or the muscles around it. I would go see a chiropractor/therapist as you stated you are doing, they should get you back to good as new in no time.

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