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    Need help!!!!

    I had the lapband procedure done 2 years ago and have lost to date 183 pounds. I need to start working out to get rid of this excess skin i have around my arms belly and thighs. i know that i cant reverse all of the damage being 383 pounds did to my skin but i want to do everything i can to get it toned up. any advice on routines would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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    how about co-dependable muscles?

    Thanks for that tip decu68, is very useful. However, it creates a question for me.
    I am new to the scene and the forum, and of course inexperienced. I consider my question quite complicated, and I am not sure how to best state it. For that, I apologise if it sounds irrational or doesn't make sense. In that case, please feel free to ask me for more details.

    My question:
    Does this:
    Quote Originally Posted by decu68 View Post
    ALWAYS work the larger muscles first. By working the smaller muscles you are depleting them and therefore will not be able to give the full attention to the larger muscles they deserve; thus shorting yourself.
    apply also with co-dependable muscles?

    For example, in one of my workout days I work all my legs' muscles –or at least I try-. I start from bottom to top (which happens to be from smaller to bigger), first Calves, then Hamstrings, and lastly Quads. And that is because I can isolate each muscle, and work with them without clogging the other two.

    To my understanding, The further a muscle is located from the main body, the more dependable is to the muscles that are preceding it and closer to the core.

    In practice: Calves are depended both on Hamstrings and Quads, Hamstrings are depended more on Quads, and lastly Quads, can operate even without the other two.
    From my understanding, if, I start train from bigger to smaller, Quads-Hamstrings-Calves, Quads are going to be worked much more than the other two -especially the Calves-, and at the time I will work the Calves, the other two parts will be consequently exhausted and weaker, and thus my workout will be less effective.

    Thanks for reading it, and I hope it makes sense


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    No one has answered thus far so I'll give it a shot.

    Quote Originally Posted by Yanes View Post
    Calves are depended both on Hamstrings and Quads, Hamstrings are depended more on Quads, and lastly Quads, can operate even without the other two.
    I don't understand this, and I don't agree. I'm sure you can work each in isolation and work it calves to quads so if that floats your boat, go for it. As for compound movements though, I'd suggest you work to the opposite way, quads/hams to calves.

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    athletic body

    does anybody have some program for athletic building ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by invoicedlowa View Post
    athletic building
    I think you need to clarify as to which sport specifically. Most "athletes" train in very sport specific sessions... as in practices of that sport. Gym time only augments that training and in the gym different athletic positions will train differently.

    With that said, if you're just looking for general athleticism, I'd suggest looking for a full-body routine.


    Because they have to perform on game day, "athletes" don't usually want to over tire a body part. A full-body routine will accomplish this. Additionally, you'd probably want to look for a compound routine over an isolation routine.


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    I like your all the fitness tips. I have joined gym few days before and these all tips are so important for me. Thanks for all of you.

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    Hey, have been training for about 2 years and for the last months have been training 4-6 times a week
    and when I was sick or just practiced 2-3 times as I have Feeling me very strong.
    I exercise strength training 2-3 times and combine it with running 5 km on treadmill some times
    and there will be spinning or anything cardio workouts 2-3 times
    in the summer it becomes MTB 2-3 times a week

    I feel the need to get more rest for strength and fitness.
    So first I was think to try a 3 -week cycle
    Light Medium Heavy

    and saw this push / pull program
    looks interesting.
    but find it difficult to get a good combination with a 3 week cycle

    and yesterday , I saw this program
    which appeals to me a little bit, but to combine it with running, spinning and cardio might be too tough ?

    Really need some advice on this issue ..

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    The 5 Day Muscle Mass Split am i doing it right?
    like barbell bench press 10kg x 12 then 20x10 , 30x8 and 40x6
    or am i doing it all wrong?

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    Hi there,

    Im new and just wanted some help. Sorry if this is in the wrong section.

    Im currently 6 ft 3 and weighing in at about 18.5 stone on my scales. I recently signed up to my local gym and was wondering if anyone was able provide me with some assistance on workouts I can do to lose the weight but at the same time build muscle or tone up. I just dont want to waste time and get no results from working out.

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    Hi sama, welcome to the Jefit community. I'm not sure what your experience is in the gym, but I find that this routine is a great place to get started from [url][/url]. This routine has a good blend of exercises to get you pumped up and putting on some muscle while also burning some body fat. I'd probably toss in a little bit more cardio just to speed up the fat loss.

    Good luck

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