I've recently started trying to cut up for summer and am doing 3 x 40 min cardio and 2 x lifting a week and I've noticed a dramatic loss in my gains.
I know cutting is 90% diet but I can't seem to wrap my head around the nutrition side of things.
The fact is from I've started this cardio routine I FEEL GREAT, but I really don't wanna sacrifice my gains.
1. I've a Target of 300 calories X 6 meals a day. Would some give me an example of a breakfast and a dinner while explaining their CPF's ie chicken salad gives x amount of protein ect ect = 300

2. I am thinking of changing my routine till
Biceps / back / forearms day 1
Chest / tri day 2
Cardio abs day 3
Off day 4
Legs day 5
Shoulders traps day 6
Cardio abs day 7
Off day 8

So that I now have an 8 day cycle or is this too much time between exercises.
Please give feed back thanx