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    I have tried Muscle Gauge Nutrition (5 lbs), Dymatize Elite Whey isolate (2 x 5 lbs) and currently taking a couple different powders. For pre-workout I take 2-3 scoops of Muscle Milk Collegiate (in water) for the protein, carbs, and calories. Post-workout I have been taking SNI Pro Whey with milk (I'm on my 5th 5 lb tub now) and have really liked it. It mixes well, has a GREAT variety of proteins, both isolate and casein, and a full spread of BCAAs. It also has CLA added.

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    Dymatize Elite Whey for regular Whey protein and Dymatize Gourmet or Dymatize Fusion 7 for whey/casein/egg protein blend.

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    Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard is the best tasting whey protein I've ever had. It's also got good reviews. At the moment though I use the branded whey. Tastes OK, but the main reason I buy it is it's pretty cheap for a 4kg tub.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robertrogo View Post
    I just love getting cheap proteins, as long as it helps with my gains and building muscle I am all for it. Not looking to spend 70$ for 5lbs

    This is what I use - SNI Pro Whey Protein. It says "intro pricing", but it's been this price for many months now and I really like it. Taste is very good, great macros.

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    I have to agree with robertrogo with ON having lots of good flavors. I use [url=]whey protein[/url] for my health but as well to help my depression and anxiety. How it does that is it reduces stress and eases depression by slowing down the production of cortisol and by boosting the release of serotonin, which is a calming neurotransmitter which results me being happy and healthy

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    I use EAS 100% Whey. It tastes fine for the price (~$35/5lbs). Mixes OK. At one point I used GNC's protein which mixed very well and had some good flavors.

    I'm going to try out a new one since I'm at the last 2lbs. Not sure what yet. Waiting to see what else you guys say.
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