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    Your stack?

    Just to get abit of conversation going really, What's in your stack, How much do you take, when and why. Why did you choose them, any comments you've got about them etc

    Mine is....
    Precision Engineered - Xtreme Gainer
    Chocolate flavored, only just started it so can't say much, but lots of protein in it, and tastes great and was pretty cheap

    Creatine Xplode powder
    Orange flavored, Tastes like orange concentrate with orange flavoring with ground up oranges, basically tastes bad!, not noticed as much from it as i would of liked or did with previous creatine powders

    Nitro Isolate 65 pro series
    Chocolate flavored, tastes amazing!, 65g of protein, quite abit of leuice and low fat etc

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    EAS Whey Protein & Jack3d
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    I keep things pretty simple - Muscle Milk Collegiate about an hour before workout, N.O. Shotgun 15 minutes prior to, and SNI Pro Whey with a spoonful of sugar post workout.

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    - Jack3d (lemon-lime all the way)
    - GNC's Lean Protein 25 (only 25g but I take 4-5 shakes/day to maintain my 180g/day
    - Extreme Athlete VitaPak

    N-Zero Extreme by Cellucor was what I had before Jack3d and it was a waste of $60. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. It was good at doing one thing though.... giving me stomach aches.

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    Don't get me wrong, I am sure Jack3d has it's pro's and con's just like any product on the market, but let me tell you one thing. Going to Jack3d from N-Zero was a tremendous difference. The first week I had it, I increased ALL 1RM's. For example, my dumbell bench press weight increased 20lbs per dumbell (no joke) and still increasing... I feel like a madman in the gym now, I'm lovin it (thanks McDonalds)

    Again, I am sure it is different for everybody but right now I am feeling good. Which leads me to a question.

    What's the most efficient creatine out there?
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