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    I've got a fair few with more planned at a later date. I do them as a living so sometimes find myself bored and tattooing myself but the ones planned will need to be done by someone else and I will only use 3 artists and none work nearby, they're around 60 to a few hundred miles away from my home. So far I have a Celtic band and tiger in my back, tribal luck symbol and Chinese writing "crazy lunatic" on the back of my neck, son's name and dreaded tribal on my chest, the tribal stretches down half the right arm, tigers head on left arm, writing on both forearms one is the family motto in Latin which every male in my family has in the exact same place and the right arm says "it's been emotional" which is a reminder of a hard time in my life and also reminds me how lucky I am to still have my dad today. Polynesian on the lower left leg, Tiger on the lower right leg, a Chinese dragon from knee to groin on my right leg and my favourite that gets a lot of questions is my Latin writing on my stomach meaning "the devil made me do it" and the most painful a dragon on my rib cage
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    I have 1 and it was a mistake, I work my hard to have the body I want and wish I would have never messed it up by putting "art work" on it. I learned a lesson I guess now if I want art I will go buy a picture.

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    Half my body/sleeve is a WIP need to finish colouring in. will get other half done once this is completed also have 2 lip rings and had stretched ears to 15mm

    Not sure how to link to memeber/progress pictures so i can show you


    hope this works

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    This is my biggest tat, in total I have 12 and have plans for quite a few more!
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    I have many. Never have enough

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    Quote Originally Posted by jameakufalk View Post
    I have many. Never have enough
    How many? What's the lure in so many tats?

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    I came close once but couldn't pull the trigger.

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    not sure really. Just got one and got hooked on them. Wish I had a better answer, just express myself that way

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    It has a lot to do with self expression. I just feel way better in shorts and t shirt when my tattoos show that Im not afraid to be different. In work clothes when you locked up in suits and long sleeves you just blend into the boring backdrop of the rat race. Its one way that I feel I can stay that little bit ahead of the system and the way that everything is put together to make us "The way we should be" .

    I love it at church because I help do the collection sometimes and the older people usually look at me like I just drove over their chihuahua and I love to point out that they come here to learn how NOT to judge and that I have most likely already done more good in world than they have in their whole miserable lives.

    one at the tattoo convention recently
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    I have one that I got when I was 38. It is 3 hearts going from large to small representing my 3 kids. I want Korea but not a financial priority at the moment.

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