There’s so many diet now a days (keto, low carb, carnivore, vegan, vegetarian... etc. to name a few) that it gets so complicated when trying to figure out which one to follow.

But I personally believe there is a diet that works best for the individual and it can be proved scientifically. Here’s the idea behind it:

Biochemical individuality:
“The concept of biochemical individuality claims that everybody is unique and therefore has individual nutritional requirements. As a result, it is impossible to suggest the same treatment for everybody and expect the same results.... it views our bodies as biochemical matrix which needs far higher amounts of specific nutrients to bring the system back into balance.

Metabolic Type/Dosha Types/Body Types:
This is the notion that your genetics, for the most part, determine what types of food your body works best with. For example, there’s a protein type, carb type and mixed type—meaning, depending upon which one you are dominant in, your body will prefer and work better with more or less carbs, protein, and/or fats. A lot of this is also shaped by what your ancestors ate and adapted to as well. We also see the parallels in body types (endo, ecto and mesomorphs) as well as ancient Ayurvedic health concepts (Vitta, Pitta, and Kapha body constitutions).

Situational, Shifting and Goal Oriented Diet:
I first learned this concept from Master Paul Chek, but intuitively felt the same about it all along (I’m sure you’ll agree). It’s the idea that the nutritional preference of your body shifts from situation to situation and potentially even meal to meal. Meaning if you just worked out very heavy or did a voluminous workout, your body would prefer and work better with an organic pasture raised steak than a measly Cesar Salad. But say you’re heavily toxic, obese, stressed, depressed, ill, etc. from living in the city for too long... following a more cleansing diet like Veganism/Vegeterianism would benefit you more than opposed to a Carnivore diet, keto, high fat, etc..

Now if you’re still wondering what the best “scientifically proven” diet is then I’m afraid you’ve missed the mark. The best diet is the one that works BEST for YOUR body at any given situation. Many of the popular diets (Atkins, Paleo, Keto, Vegetarianism, etc.) have already been scientifically proven to be highly effective for certain outcomes (see PubMed).

The real key is figuring out which diet, micro/macro nutrient profile works best for YOU. And if you still need more help then watch this video:

This breaks down the concepts even further and how I personally like to approach it.

But honestly guys, this is a series of experiments + and a lot of trial and error to figure out. You ultimately need to develop a deep relationship with your body.

Let me know your thoughts . Do you agree/disagree? What’s worked in your experience? Criticism is welcomed